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"The Pledge"

FIC: "The Pledge" (500 words)
SERIES: "The Strange Case of Alfred Borden"
AUTHOR: mistressmarilyn
DATE: August 15, 2008
FANDOM: The Prestige
PAIRING: Alfred / Alfred (Christian Bale)
DISCLAIMER: I don't own 'em. They're characters belonging to Christopher Priest, Christopher Nolan and Warner Brothers, not to mention the respective actors of the movie, and to the ages. This is a work of a fan, done for no remuneration save the satisfaction of the work.
NOTES: In the world of magic, a trick is composed of three parts: The Pledge, The Turn and The Prestige. The Pledge is the part where the magician shows the audience something ordinary and assures them there is nothing up his sleeve, so to speak. Which, of course, is a lie.
Written for the 'Promise' challenge at slashthedrabble

"I made a promise, and I'm going to keep it," Alfred Borden told his brother. "I'll never tell anyone the secret."

The secret, of course, was what made Londoners sit rapt in their seats at The Pantages theatre waiting to see The Professor--Borden's alter ego--perform his renowned illusion, The Transported Man. Borden would enter a tall cabinet on one side of the stage and instantly appear through the door of another some thirty feet away, with such alacrity that he could catch a rubber ball sent bouncing before the first door snapped shut. And as far as anyone knew, this amazing feat was not accomplished with the use of a double, the most obvious explanation. How could it be, when Alfred Borden was a man with a mutilated left hand, a flaw he flaunted as he made his invisible trek from one cupboard to the next!

Alfred leaned back against the pillow and said nothing as his brother penetrated him with a finger--the finger closest to the two that ended at the knuckle. He wanted to reach out and clasp his brother's back and pull him close, but he resisted the temptation, his control another feat of legerdemain. He closed his eyes, enjoying the sensations elicited by his brother's strong hand, forgetting the night he was forced to chop those fingers off himself so they'd match the ones on his own hand, the ones lost to an errant bullet when an illusion went terribly wrong.

"Remember, when you fuck Olivia, she sometime wants to do this," his brother said. "And she expects you to like it."

"I do like it."

"Then act like it. Don't lie there like a dead fish! And say what you're supposed to say."

"Deeper," Alfred said, meaning it.

Since they shared everything--including a wife and daughter, a mistress, a successful career and all other aspects of their one life--it was important that even the sounds they made in bed were absolutely alike.

"We can't ever reveal the truth, no matter how unhappy Sarah is. You know that."

Alfred nodded, all the while wishing his brother would move his finger a little more forcibly. As much as he loved his wife and regretted her pain, the pledge they had made to each other years before came first.

"Secrets are my life," Alfred said.

"And I know your biggest secret," his brother said, reaching toward Alfred's crotch with his free hand. "You like to be tormented, just like I do." Beads of perspiration appeared above his curling lip. "Are you watching closely?" he asked with a small grin.

Alfred smiled back, bracing for the strong grip, then he grimaced as the tip of one of his brother's nimble fingers dipped into the sensitive opening of his penis. "Christ!" He struggled with himself for a moment, before he settled into the sensation, the sensation he knew would be perpetuated until a blessed numbness relieved the agony. Groaning, he spoke his brother's name:




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Jan. 3rd, 2009 09:10 pm (UTC)
hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm that was H O T!!!! I enjoyed it VERY MUCH!!! (poor Sarah, though...)
Jan. 5th, 2009 09:11 am (UTC)
Thanks so much for reading and commenting, and, now, thanks to your recent enthusiasm, I have finally finished my latest opus, "Freddy and the Old Dildoe"! {{evil grin}}
Jan. 5th, 2009 09:15 pm (UTC)
LOLOLOL sounds very promising!!! I'll have a look as soon as Bruce and Jim let me off the hook ;)
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